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 African Grey Parrots for sale:- As with all African Greys, they are incredibly smart. They will watch, and observe everything in the home they live in. They will watch their owners running to the door when people arrive, going to answer the phone or to the microwave whenever it beeps. Then, they are able to mimic those sounds to get their owners attention

African Greys are very brilliant. They require a gradual supply of numerous toys, and socialization to maintain them emotionally stimulated. All African greys require lots of emotional stimulation, and socialization to keep them delighted, and to keep them from turning to neurotic and self-harmful manners that African Greys are known to do if they’re not cared for correctly. They want a range of various sized perches to aid exercise and stretch their feet.

African Greys are sweet and smart parrots. They are considered as the smartest of the parrot family and the perfect talkers. Because of this, there are specific behaviors that African Greys are prone to if not handled, and trained properly. Also, if not given enough socialization they will very quickly turn into a “one person” bird which is very difficult to break them of.

The African grey parrot is one of the largest parrots in Africa. It is predominantly grey in color and has darker grey than its body over the head and both wings. The head and body feathers have slight white edges. Its tail feathers are red. The coloration of juveniles is similar to that of adults; however, their eyes are dark grey to black, in comparison to the yellow irises around dark eyes of the adult birds, and their undertail coverts are tinged with grey.

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