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Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots For Sale

Double Yellow headed amazon parrots for sale- Like all amazon parrots this birds are incredibly smart. They will watch, and observe everything in the home they live in. They will watch their owners running to the door when people arrive, going to answer the phone or to the microwave whenever it beeps. Then, they are able to mimic those sounds to get their owners attention. They are one of the best talking birds along side the famous African Grey and Pionus Parrots.


The double yellow headed amazon isn’t a shy bird, this bird is very talkative, boastful, very affectionate and intelligent. Males are known for doing what is best described as a mach strut. Double yellow headed amazons can make very excellent pets.

Double yellow headed amazons are sweet and smart parrots. They are considered as one of the smartest of the parrot family and the perfect talkers. Because of this, there are specific behaviors that amazons are prone to if not handled, and trained properly. Also, if not given enough socialization they will very quickly turn into a “one person” bird which is very difficult to break them of.

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