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Black headed Caique for sale- The black-headed caique may be a medium-sized parrot, but it has a large personality. These birds are known for being playful and inquisitive, which makes them a favorite of bird lovers. The black-headed caique is a colorful, intelligent bird, but it can be a handful, so be prepared for this feisty bird to keep you on your feet. Read on to learn more about these frisky birds and why they are a favorite of avian enthusiasts.

Origin and History

The black-headed caique is native to South America and is found above the Amazon in the countries of Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, and Peru. In the wild, black-headed caiques reside in topical swampy lowlands or woodland areas with high humidity. In the wild, these birds are canopy dwellers, hanging out and playing among the treetops. Their feathers produce a whirring sound when they are in flight and they are highly vocal, trilling out their sound with their flock.  In the wild, the black-headed caique is usually seen in family groups or large flocks because these birds are very sociable creatures. These fun-loving birds are sure to keep you on the move if you choose one for a pet.


The black-headed caique’s sociable nature means that these birds can be very cuddly and will want to be your companion. They enjoy interacting with people and other birds and are extremely playful. Many consider caiques to be the clowns of the bird world because of their antics. They often perform tricks and pranks for the pleasure of their viewing audience. They are not known for being frequent flyers in captivity but can fly short distances, although they prefer to jump or walk to you. Black-headed caiques are highly active birds that need a lot of love and attention from their owners.

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