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Yellow crowned amazons for sale- The Yellow crowned amazon parrot like most Amazon parrots is a very intelligent and affectionate parrot. It has a short squarish tail and primarily green plumage. It has dark blue tips to the secondaries and primaries and a red wing speculum, carpal edge (leading edge of the wing at the “shoulder”) and base of the outer tail feathers. The red and dark blue sections are often difficult to see when the bird is perched, while the red base of the outer tail feathers only infrequently can be seen under normal viewing conditions in the wild. All have a white eye-ring. The yellow on its head is far less than that of the double yellow headed amazon.


The Yellow-crowned Amazon parrots are known for their playful antics and excellent talking abilities. This being said, talking ability will vary between birds and even though many of them are excellent talkers, some may never learn to talk. They are handsome and generally affectionate. Their friendly and playful nature make them excellent pets.

They are easily tamed and trained and are known to be very active – which makes them more suitable to an environment that allows them to fly and move around, such as an aviary or flight. Provided they are given sufficient daily exercise, they can adjust to indoor cages and indoor living as well.

They are known for their loud voices, which is said to be the loudest of all Amazon Parrots. People who are not tolerant to noise, will not do well with this parrot.

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