Baby Sulcata Turtle

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The African spur tortoise is a species of cryptodira turtle of the family Testudinidae and
the only member of the genus Centrochelys.

Scientific name: Centrochelys sulcata
Class: Sauropsida
Body Mass: 32 – 45 kg (Adult)
Genre: Centrochelys; Gray, 1782
Family: Testudinidae
Animalia Kingdom

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Looking for a baby sulcata turtle?

We are the leading baby sulcata turtle farm within the united states, been running for 7 years and still counting. We provide services such as buying and selling (trades), Veterinary Med care, Financial services and we are currently working on a rescue facility.

Natural history of  baby sulcata turtle

Sulcata tortoise are native to more Nothern part of Africa, ranging from the southern edge of the Sahara down through the arid countries including Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, the Sudan and Ethiopia, up through the dry hot Massaua coast bordering the red sea.

Captive breeds and imported baby Sulcata turtles can be found at our store, the Sulcata is the largest of the African mainland tortoise, with specimens easily reaching 26-32 inches(65-80cm) in carapace length and 80-110 pounds (36-50kg) in weight. The largest recorded was resident of the Giza zoological Gardens in Egypt, weighted about 235  lb and measured over 41.6 inches. And the oldest specie still recorded in the Gardens in Egypt was over 55 years old.

Behavior of baby Sulcata turtle

Sulcatas must have a large area to roam around freely- Sulcatas like to move around and are very strong. Sulcatas also need to burrow away from heat and they do so by retreating their pallets or into muddy wallows where they will stay for hours, flipping cool mud up onto their backs. keep dangerous objects out of their reach. Steps, children dogs and cats are some of the dangers they should be guarded against. Either  housed or not, Sulcatas roam about and are voracious eaters. Like many tortoises they are also climbers, hence care must be giving so as they shouldn’t be given the opportunity to climb things. Above all they will make a great addition to your home.


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