Half-Moon Conure

Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Male/Female (Breeder Pair)

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Half-moon conures are native to Mexico and Costa Rica where they live in large flocks of up to 100. They can be found in treetops, lowlands, and even savannahs in these large groups, except during the mating season when they pair off.

They are unique because they nest on termite mounds or in abandoned woodpecker holes. The half-moon conure is not an endangered species so they are sometimes found as pets, but are not as popular as other types of conures.

Temperament of half moon conures

These cheerful and agile birds spend a gala time with the toys given for their enrichment. Trained and tamed ones can stay on playpens or parrot perches for a long time without causing much trouble to anyone. You will always find them in a good mood both inside and outside the cage. They prefer the association of their owners and would love to get cuddled by them.

Caring for the Half Moon Conure

Like most conures, the half-moon variety needs a lot of attention and space. A cage will keep them safe, but that is not the only space they should have access to with supervision.

Regular veterinary care should also be provided to help keep a conure healthy and promptly spot any potential health issues. Birds often hide symptoms of disease until they are severely ill.

Half moon conures sometimes out of their natural inquisitiveness fly from one room to another and might get themselves in trouble, so clip their wings and nails once in a while. Also, make sure they don’t ingest any metal objects as this could be fatal.

They are not keen on bathing on a regular basis, so you can mist spray them to keep their plumage bright and radiant.


Keep your pet in a cage sizing 18X18X18 inches or larger than it, as spacious the cage, better for the conure. The bar spacing should be within 5/8 to ¾ inch. Ideally, it should have some perches of variable sizes, with one close to the door, so that your conure can find it easier to come out of the cage whenever needed.  Provide some chewable wooden toys (preferably of balsa wood) as well as tissue boxes, bells, popsicle crafts for its entertainment.

A nest box with dimensions of 12X12X12 inches can be placed inside if you keep a breeding pair.

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