White Crowned Pigeons

Scientific Name: Patagioenas Leucocephala

Family: Columbidae

Length: 14-17 Inches

Kingdom: Animalia




Overview Of White Crowned Pigeons

The White-crowned Pigeon is a large, beautiful bird native to the Caribbean and surrounding regions. Here’s an overview of some key characteristics of White-crowned Pigeons:

1. Appearance: White-crowned Pigeons are known for their striking appearance. They have a large, stocky body with a slate-gray plumage. The most distinctive feature is the white crown on their head, which contrasts with the rest of their dark feathers.

2. Habitat: These pigeons are typically found in lowland forests, mangroves, and coastal areas. They prefer dense, tropical forests with a mix of trees and shrubs.

3. Diet: White-crowned Pigeons primarily feed on fruits, especially those from native trees like figs and palms. They play an important role in seed dispersal and forest regeneration.

4. Behavior: They are generally shy and elusive birds, spending most of their time perched high in the forest canopy. They are often seen in small groups or pairs and are known for their slow, deliberate flight.

5. Conservation status: White-crowned Pigeons are currently listed as a species of least concern. However, their populations have declined due to habitat loss and hunting. They are protected by various conservation measures to ensure their long-term survival.

6. Breeding: These pigeons build simple, platform-like nests made of twigs and leaves in trees or shrubs. They typically lay one or two eggs, and both parents share incubation and feeding duties.

7. Unique features: In addition to their striking appearance, White-crowned Pigeons have a unique habit of drinking seawater. They have specialized salt glands that help them excrete excess salt from their bodies.

Temperament Of White Crowned Pigeons

White-crowned Pigeons are generally known for their calm and docile temperament. They are not particularly aggressive and tend to avoid conflicts with other birds or animals. These pigeons are often described as shy and elusive, preferring to stay hidden in the forest canopy. They can be quite wary of humans and may fly away if approached too closely.

However, during the breeding season, White-crowned Pigeons can become more territorial and protective of their nests. They may display defensive behaviors if they feel threatened or if their nesting area is disturbed.

Overall, White-crowned Pigeons are peaceful birds that prefer to spend their time foraging for fruits and perching high in the trees. They are not known for being particularly vocal and tend to communicate through soft cooing sounds.



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