Male and Female Burmese Star Tortoise

Captivebred 6 inch and above males and females. Stunning banning around the carapace.
Will make a great addition to any household.
Weight = 2.00 lbs

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The Burmese star tortoise has radiating star shaped patterns on its strongly domed carapace. It has bumos on its shell that looks like stars. This tortoise can easily be distinguished from the more common leopard tortoise ( Stigmochelys Perdalis)  The rare burmese tortoise is one of the most beautiful tortoises, its domed shaped carapace (upper shell) measuring 26cm is characterized by a highly distinctive star or radiating pattern. The dark brown to black carapace is marked with up to six radiating yellow stripes emerging from small, yellow central areas creating a star pattern that gives the tortoise its unique appearance.

Burmese live in a variety of habitats  including different types of forests, grasslands and agricultural fields. The species feeds on a range of vegetation, primarily grass but also mushrooms, fruits, some insects and larvae

The breeding of burmese star toirtoise in captivity is extremely difficult and its first successful attempt of breeding in captivity was in taipei Zoo, Taiwan where a few burmese tortoise where hatched in 2003. The burmese tortoise is one of the least studied of all living tortoises, Very little is known of its behavior in the wild. In captivity, nesting ussually occurs at the end of February. The eggs are quite large but very few in number. The markings on its carapace helps the tortoise in adaptation and camouflage.




Kingdom:         Animalia

Phylum:            Chordata

Class:                 Reptilia

Order:               Testudines

Suborder          Cryptodira

Superfamily:     Testudinoidea

Family:              Testudinidea

Genus:                Geochelone

Species:              G. platynota



Geochelone playtnota

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