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Blue and Gold Macaws for Sale

Blue and Gold Macaws for sale – The Blue Gold macaw is among the most favored of all macaws, due to the moderate temperment and high thinking ability. The Blue Gold macaw is an excellent bird.

However many people could not maintain such a large bird like a blue gold macaw. The fortunate ones that make the dedication for such a bird are in for a treat. The upper side of the tail, wings, backside and neck are rich, deep blue. Under parts are bright golden yellow. The underside of the tail is blue tinged with yellow. The overhead is greenish tinged with blue. A black bib collar frames the lower part of the face. Sizes can be anywhere from 30 inches to smaller in length.

Blue and Gold Macaws come from Central and South America, ranging from Panama to northwestern Paraguay. Often characterized as very outgoing and interactive in temperament, some make reference to them as the “clowns” of the big macaw family. Some Blue and Golds become outstanding talkers, and some love to “play games” with their owners, like versions of peek-a-boo. Superbly colored, they can reach up to 34″ in length (including tail) and live up to 50 years of age or more. Like all macaws, they have the potential to become incredibly cuddly and delicate buddies with the whole family. This needs a organization but gentle manner, with important limit establishing. It is important to have a physical environment that enables this athletic bird the independence to move and play. Suitable cages and play gyms, correctly placed, can offer endless hours of entertainment and joy for owner and companion bird alike.

Many baby Blue And Gold macaws have a excellent disposition which makes them excellent option for a large macaw. Most Blue and Gold macaws learn extremely fast. Speaking talents are questionable, however our opinion is, many do learn to talk very well but we would never sell anyone any macaw for a top speaking species. You must accept them for what they are. No doubt they have skills far beyond talking capability, you may see many trick bird shows with the star bird being the Blue and Gold macaw. Large birds such as the large macaws are active, and when they get rowdy they can get rough while just playing with you.

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