Burmese Star Tortoise

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Burmese Star Tortoise for sale

Burmese Star Tortoise for sale – The creature neighborhood is definitely absolutely obsessed with varieties that characteristic alluring habits and vibrant colors. It has also been fixated on the rare and vulnerable. One tortoise covers it all and has stayed a sort of “holy grail” in the eyes of fanatics across the globe. The Burmese star tortoise (Geochelone platynota) has undoubtedly reached stardom in terms of recognition and receiving interest from not only keepers, but from conservationists, as well.

The rare Burmese star tortoise is among the most incredible tortoises. The oval shaped carapace (upper shell) measuring 26 cm is seen as a a highly distinctive star or symbolizing pattern. The dark brown to black, domed carapace is marked with up to six symbolizing yellow stripes growing from small, yellow central areas (areolae), creating a star pattern that provides this tortoise its unique appearance. The underside or plastron is yellow with each scute having a dark brown or black blotch. The head is of reasonable size with a non-projecting snout and a three pointed upper jaw. The skin of the head, limbs and tail are yellow in order to suntan. The forelimbs have got large directed to curved weighing machines and also a huge, attractive level furthermore seems at the end of the tail. Males are distinguished from the females by a much thicker and longer tail.

The Burmese star tortoise is probably the least studied of all living tortoises. Hardly any is known of its behavior in the wild. In captivity, nesting typically occurs at the end of February. The eggs are quite significant but few in numbers.

Burmese star tortoises can be viewed as herbivores by nature as they most frequently feed on big and coarse leaves. Succulents, weeds, thistle are some of its favorite foods. They often like to chew on bigger leaves and greens rather than tiny grasses or weed.

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