Yellow Crowned Amazon

Length: 28 – 33 cm
Weight: 220-250 grams
Banded: Yes
Talking Ability: Yes




Most, if not all traits of the yellow crowned amazon almost identical to those of other Amazon breeds. They kept the iconic details such as a robust body, short, square tail, and powerful black beaks. The distinct ruffled plumage of the Amazons is also easy to spot. Males and females are identical, and both reach an average length of 14 to 15 inches (35 to 38 centimeters) on average. And with a substantial weight of around a pound (450 grams), you can be sure that these robust birds will need quite a lot of free space and exercise.

If you’re looking for a smart and fun pet bird, the Yellow Crowned Amazon is a great candidate. Like the rest of their Amazon cousins, they are energetic, social and highly intelligent, often capable of talking with plenty of skill. And it goes without saying – they are one of the world’s most popular pet parrots. Let’s see what are the details that make them so loved.

All Amazon parrots are very intelligent and have a natural ability for talking with remarkable skill.

Speech and Sounds

These birds are very smart and this means that they can become very good talkers. Because of this ability, social and vocal behaviors are recommended for owners- to help them socialize. The Yellow Crowned Amazon can develop a hefty vocabulary and repeat complex sentences in a clear and loud voice. However, they can also be a bit noisy at certain times of the day, or when they become neglected and bored. Their natural calls are crisp, loud and often piercing. Because of this, they might not be the best choice for apartment dwellers.

Food and feeding Yellow crowned amazons

They are normally found in pairs or small flocks up to 30, but larger groups may gather at clay licks. Their food includes fruits, nuts, seeds and berries.  Foods with sugar and a large amount of salt can be dangerous for them.


The nest is in a hollow in a tree, palm or termitarium, where they lay two to three eggs. The incubation time is about 26 days and the chicks leave the nest about 60 days from hatching


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