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Baby Buffon Macaws

Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in)
Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs)
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females
Talking ABility: Yes

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Buffon Macaws  also known as the Great Green Macaw or the Grand Military Macaw. These Large birds are rare in the wild, and are listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as endangered. They are rare in captivity too, but they have proven to be good breeders. Today with successful breeding, the Buffon’s Macaw is not only becoming more available, but a few captive bred birds have also been re-introduced into the wild in some areas of its native habitat.

The Buffon Macaws is very similar in appearance to the Military Macaw. In the early 19th century Military Macaw was also referred to as the “Great Green Macaw. The primary differences is that the Buffon’s Macaw is a larger bird and its general color is a lighter, more yellowish green. The two subspecies are also very similar, primarily distinguished by place of origin and very slight size and color differences.

Overall, the Buffon’s Macaw is green with pale blue on the lower back, over the rump, and onto the upper part of the tail. The rest of the tail is a pale brownish red, tipped with blue. The forehead, along with the feathered lines on the lore, is red. The bare facial area is white with a pink cast to it and black feathered lines. The legs are gray. The beak is also gray, though paler towards the tip, and the eye is a dull yellow.

Maintenance Of Buffon Macaws

The basic cage care includes daily cleaning of the water and food dishes. Weekly you should wash all the perches and dirty toys, and the floor should be washed about every other week. A total hosing down and disinfecting of an aviary should be done yearly, replacing anything that needs to be freshened, such as old dishes, toys and perches.

Social Behaviors

In the wild the Buffon’s Macaws are usually seen in pairs, family groups of three, or small groups of up to a dozen or so individuals. They are rarely seen alone. They are a social bird and enjoy the company of their flock or of a mate as well.

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