Dusky Headed Conure

Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Females

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The Dusky Headed Conure (Aratinga weddellii), a South American parrot species, makes a good pet due to its peaceful temperament. But, as is the case with other conures, this turns out to be very noisy at times, especially during morning and evening. This small sized bird has a lot to offer to its owner regarding entertainments, so if you are planning to have one, get acquainted with its requirements.

Also known as  Dusky-headed conure, dusky-headed parakeet, Weddell’s conure
Color Different shades of green and gray
Size 10-11 in (25-28 cm)
Weight 3-4 oz (90-115 g)
Distribution Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, and Venezuela
Habitat Open or semi open wooded lands, coffee plantations
Diet Flowers, fruits, seeds, larvae
Breeding season Throughout the year
Breeding age 1-3 year
Clutch size 2-5 eggs
Incubation period 23-24 days
Fledging After 50 days
Lifespan Average 20-50
IUCN Conservation Status      Least Concern
Temperament as pets  Social, jovial and amicable
Maintenance requirement Owner’s association needed
Noise level High
Talking ability Fair

Sounds and Speech

Conures are mostly noisy and loud, but the dusky-headed conure prefers to be on the opposite. This bird is quieter compared to its close cousins. It’s one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this species. Since it is less likely to become loud and noisy, this species can be a great choice of pet for people who live in apartments.

Also, the dusky conure can learn some basic and poorly imitated words and even familiar sounds. So, you will likely see your pets chirping and dancing to the song you are listening to..

Colors of the Dusky Headed Conure

The appearance of a dusky conure reflects its calm, peaceful personality. Its body is almost pure green with a black beak and gray head. The tips of the feathers on its tail are blue. The colors black, gray, green, and blue form a perfect and subtle combination. This conure looks simple but incredibly pretty. If you are looking for a simple but good-looking bird to take care of, then the dusky-headed conure could be the best one for you.



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