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Golden Conures

Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Male/Female (Breeder Pair)

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The golden Conures are 34–36 cm (13–14 in) long and mainly yellow with green in the outer wings and with an all-yellow tail. It has a large horn-colored (gray) beak, pale-pink bare eye rings, brown irises, and pink legs. Males and females have identical external appearance. Juveniles are duller and have less yellow and more green plumage than the adults. The juvenile’s head and neck are mostly green, the back is green and yellow, the upper side of tail is mostly green, the breast is greenish, the eye rings are pale-gray, and the legs are brown.

Breeding of Golden conures

The golden parakeet’s breeding system is almost unique amongst parrots, as pairs are aided by a number of helpers which aid in the raising of the young.  This behavior is less common with parakeets in captivity, which often abandon their young after three weeks.

After the golden parakeet reaches sexual maturity at the age of three years, the breeding season starts in November and runs through February. They nest in a high tree, in deeper than average nesting cavities, and lay an average of four 37.1 by 29.9 mm (1.46 by 1.18 in) white eggs, which they aggressively guard. The incubation period is about 30 days, in which the male and female take turns incubating. In the first few years of sexual maturity, golden parakeets tend to lay infertile clutches until the age of six to eight. In captivity, golden parakeets resume breeding when their chicks are taken from them.

At birth, golden parakeets are covered in white down that eventually turns darker within a week. By the end of the third week, wing feathers start to develop. Juveniles are playful, but may turn abusive against their peers. Nestlings are preyed upon by toucans, which may explain their social behavior. Nests are vigorously defended from toucans by several members of the group.

Speech and Sounds

We mentioned that the Golden Conure is full of adorable traits. One of those is their peculiar (and cute!) passion for talking. Common words and phrases are easily repeated, but there’s also the loved parrot-talk – the mumbling that resembles human speech. They are also skilled mimics, often repeating common sounds like kisses, beeps, and barks. These parrots are very receptive to music, and will not hesitate to dance and do a host of silly tricks when the beat drops.

Care and Feeding of Golden conures

Their diet should be based on a seed mix for larger parrots. In addition, your pet should have supplements in the form of protein-rich foods. Cooked corn, beans, and pulses, as well as fruits and vegetables, should be included in the diet. For the Golden Conure, a well-balanced diet is a huge part of proper care. Baths and showers should also be regular, serving as rewards and prerequisites for good health.


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