Mealy Amazon For sale

Length: 28 – 33 cm
Weight: 220-250 grams
Banded: Yes
Talking Ability: Yes



Mealy Amazon For sale

Mealy Amazon For sale, the southern mealy amazon or southern mealy parrot is among the largest parrot in the genus Amazona, the amazon parrots. It is a mainly green parrot with a total length of 38–41 cm. It is endemic to tropical Central and South America. This species and the northern mealy amazon were previously considered conspecific. Wikipedia
Length38 – 40 cm
Mass: 540 – 700 g
Scientific nameAmazona farinosa
Conservation status: Near Threatened (Population decreasing)
Rank: Species

Origin and History – Mealy Amazon For sale

The M Amazon is native to Central America and South America. Their range extends from southern Mexico to parts of Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. The birds call the woodlands and tropical rainforests of these areas home. Although, as farmers encroach on their habitat, they ravage farm fields as an easy source of food. Farmers consider Amazons to be pests. This parrot lives in large flocks that can reach over 100 birds, though mating pairs will fly off to find a tree cavity to nest in for the breeding season.

Mealy Amazons are known to be the most gentle and docile of the Amazon parrots. They are affectionate when kept as pets and form strong bonds with their owners. This behavior stems from their instinct to create a monogamous, lifetime pairing with their mate.Similarly, they love to interact with their human flock. Many owners say that the bird will simply wander around looking for someone who can give them attention. When they find that family member, they’ll wait patiently to be picked up or played with.

Speech and Vocalizations

These birds are excellent talkers and can pick up a diverse vocabulary. It’s quite comical to listen to them repeat phrases using different inflections every time.

When it comes to vocalizations, mealy Amazons are large, so their screams can be deafening and carry a long distance. Yet, they will not yell out as much as some feistier parrots.


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