Opaline Macaws for sale

Hatch date:10/01/2019
Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in)
Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs)
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females
Talking ABility: Yes

$6,900.00 $6,800.00


Opaline Macaws For Sale – Mutations of Blue & Yellow Macaws

Opaline Macaws for sale, Mutation breeding is nothing new… For years the growing popularity of the mutation breeding parakeets under. But the macaws takes conscious cultivation on changes markedly. A mutation can also occur spontaneously in nature, but will probably not fast forward hatch. Would it ‘survival of the fittest’ apply, then the mutant probably become dominant… However, the mutation in culture is by people intervened; the opportunity to influence are often related birds of several generations linked. And money is usually the main driver, because for mutants, a capacity payment. What is the current state of the macaws? Buy Opaline Mutation macaws online

There are mutations in several macaw species, including the Great Soldiers macaws (Buffon’s ara) Blue and Yellow Macaws. In a previous article we talked about all the gold macaws Gary Redden. But the blue and yellow macaws, several mutations… there is even a genetics calculator made for these mutations! The genetics calculator for the Blue and Gold Macaws on this page found.

When changes are often ‘father and daughter’ (one andere family variaties) put together. That in itself is not so bad, in nature come in small populations such ‘situations incesteuze’ also for. In one way or another, nature has learned to deal with it. The stronger macaws survive and reproduce. The weaker macaws explain by giving Bob without the genes.


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Daniel Suarez 4/13/2021

Venice, Italy
Got my bird (Indian Ringneck) from Birdmanspetsource, and I'm super happy with this beautiful and well maintain bird. It was an easy process, always willing to answer any questions or concerns I had.

CeeCee Vandiver 3/28/2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Maddison and the folk at Birdman's pet source are amazing! not only are their birds beautiful and expertly raised to make great companions, but the level of service really makes you feel like you're a valued customer. Highly recommended!

Julie Steves 2/13/2020

Panama, City Beach Florida
We purchased a green Cheek Conure from Birdman's pet source in January. The bird is well adjusted and Maddison has been excellent to deal with before and after purchase. Being an amateur bird owner I'm pleased that Maddison takes time to answer my questions! Thank you!!

William Doviak 3/18/2020

Berlin, Germany
Birds R Lovers

Jennifer Scurlock 02/28/2020

Tyler, Texas
Maddison has been incredible, He raises baby birds because he loves them. I've never seen birds more well adjusted, better-dispositioned, healthier, or more cared for. My hat is off to Maddison and I thank him from the bottom of heart.

Tracy Garcia 11/23/2020

Perkasie Pennsylvania
I recently purchased a blackhead Caique from Birdman's pet source and couldn't be more pleased with everything. Maddison provided us with excellent health documentation on our bird. My Caique is super sweet and well socialized. I highly recommend Parrots of Paradise Aviary!!

Anna Vu 7/14/2020

GOOGLE and Trustpilot
Hong Kong, Kowloon
I would like to thank Maddison for always answering any questions we may have, and for raising the sweetest birds! We love our Lolie (Congo African Grey Parrot) to bits!

Victoria Chaparro 12/29/2020

Long Beach, New York
Almost 2 months ago I got the sweetest baby double yellow headed amazons. She is doing amazing with stepping up and is super sweet with me and my family. I would definitely recommend Parrots of paradise Aviary because you will get a well tamed and sweet birdie/

Danielle De Garnica 2/20/2020

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Their babies are VERY WELL SOCIALIZED! My birdie arrived in a nicely converted travel carrier complete with 2 custom perches, soft bedding and enough fresh food for her voyage. She's the sweetest little girl.

Travis CURB 6/5/2020

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Hello allow breeds of lutino Alexandrines parrots