Patagonian Conure

Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

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The Patagonian Conure is known by natives around the region due to its friendly demeanor, small size, cute face, and bright colors. Locals call these birds “little clowns” because of their small stature and funny personalities.

They can live up to 20 years, mainly because they’re not kept in cages but allowed to fly freely around the home and roam indoors as nature intended. In true captivity, they could live up to 30 years!

Their population has been declining recently, and measures might have to be put in place to prevent further dwindling of the wild population.

The origins of this beautiful bird can be traced back to South America, specifically the temperate rainforests of Chile. They live in flocks of 12-30 and usually mate for life.


Temperament of patagonian conure

The Patagonian Conure is known for being a very active and playful bird. It will interact with people to the point of mimicking human speech! They also enjoy dancing, tumbling, jumping, and playing tricks on each other. These birds are also extremely loving and have been observed kissing their owners on the lips.

In captivity, they’re described as being a bit more mellow than in the wild. A bored Patagonian Conure will often start screaming and playing with their toys or swing from side to side. Owners need to play active games and interact with these birds on a daily basis! However, they’ll still retain that playful behavior.

These parrots are known as “little clowns” for a reason. They’ll keep you laughing with their comical behaviors and will entertain you every day of the week! If you don’t feel like keeping them active, they can get mischievous-making noise all night long or tearing up your furniture.

You should also know that Patagonian Conures are not very shy when it comes to strangers. They’re very easygoing and will be fine around anyone that’s part of their family, even if they don’t know them personally. Since these birds are so outgoing, new owners should start by interacting with them daily!



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