Peach-Fronted Conure

Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

$550.00 $450.00



The Peach-fronted conure is one of the most jovial and charming species of the entire conure family. As the name suggests, these monomorphic birds exhibit a peach colored patch on their forehead.

If you are interested in getting a conure parrot, the peach- fronted conure may be amongst your best options


These gentle birds are known for their love for human proximity. They also enjoy chewing strong and hardy materials for a long time. Due to their inquisitive mind and intelligence, they often learn various tricks in no time and surprise others. Once they make a bond with you, they are likely to accompany you while you watch TV or listen to songs. Adults are prone to feather plucking if they don’t get sufficient attention and mental stimulation. So, you must provide some chewable toys to keep them occupied while you are not around.

Care of peach-fronted conure

Clipping of feathers and nail is required by a professional pet as they are good flyers and can escape easily. Peach-fronted conures love to take shower, so either spray them with a spray bottle or place a shallow bowl of water.

A proper cleaning of the cage, cage trays, food and water bowls with a bird-friendly disinfectant is necessary.

Peach-fronted conure as pets

Their social and agreeable characteristics make them a good choice for pet lovers. As a perfect companion bird, peach-fronted conures are easy to train and they will never let you get bored at any point of time.


Fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouted seeds and pellet mix are good options for them. Cuttlebone or mineral blocks are good for conures too as they prevent bone deficiency.

Health problems

Common illnesses include psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD), aspergillosis, polyoma, erythremic myelosis, chronic depression, Pacheco’s disease. A healthy diet, hygienic atmosphere and frequent check ups by a vet keep such diseases at bay.



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