Pomeranian Puppy Male

Nick-Name: Tero (Male)
Breed Group: Toy
Height: 9-11 inches
Weight: 4-6 lbs
Life Span: 12-16 years

$1,200.00 $1,150.00



Pomeranian Puppy Male

Pomeranian Puppy Male, Pomeranian puppies are friendly, affectionately, and, like all small dogs, have special needs. Pomeranian puppies have an unusually high metabolism. It’s important that they eat often to maintain a healthy body weight of 3-7 pounds by 6 months.

Pomeranians have delicate bones that make them more susceptible to physical injury; puppies should be handled with care. Your puppy will need a safe, cozy place to sleep, with easy access to fresh water. New Pomeranian puppies are very curious, and full of energy.  Therefore, it’s important for owners should take steps to puppy-proof their home to prevent curious puppies from sticking their noses where they shouldn’t.

Small dog puppies, like the Pomeranian are prone to separation anxiety and may chew furniture, or bark excessively if left alone and not adequately exercised. Your new Pomeranian puppy will also require at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Pomeranians are also known to dart off in pursuit of any interesting scent or leaf that peaks their interest. Fenced in yards, leashes and a watchful eye are always recommended.

Where Are Pomeranians From?

Pomeranians hail from the now-defunct Baltic province of Pomeriania, which was bordered by Germany and Poland. They were used as guard dogs and herd dogs, and often seen on local trading boats. They are of the Spitz variety of dogs (long, furry coats, pointed ears and muzzles), which have been seen in paintings as far back as 400 B.C.!

How Many Types of Pomeranians Are There?

There is only one official type of Pomeranian, though they are sometimes distinguished in between teddy-faced, fox-faced, and baby-doll faced.

Which Breeds Mix with Pomeranians?

Pomchi (Pomeranian + Chihuahua)
Dameranian (Dachshund + Pomeranian)
Pomsky (Pomeranian + Husky)
Pomapoo (Pomeranian + Poodle)
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