R-COM Pro 20 EGG Incubator

It is FULLY Automatic with Humidity Temperature
GTIN: 0634041110314
UPC: 0634041110314
Model: Pro 20 PX 20
Type: Digital Incubators
Featured Refinements: Automatic Egg Incubator

$485.00 $484.00


R-COM Pro 20 EGG-Incubator for sale online

R-COM Pro 20 EGG-Incubator, Top of the Line R-Com 20 Luxury design. Due to increased demand, we temporarily have reduced product selection available for delivery to your region. We are working to improve selection availability as soon as possible.

  • This incubator will house 20 Parrot size eggs, 52 Quail and 10 Goose size eggs in the automatic Egg turner.
  • Comes with three different egg trays – R-COM Pro 20 EGG-Incubator. 
  • 110 Volt with American Plug for the US Market
  • Precise Digital Thermometer read-out
  • Fully Automatic Egg Turning, Temperature and Humidity Control

Product description – R-COM Pro 20 EGG-Incubator

Top of the Line R-Com 20 Luxury design with streamlined egg shaped concept. Enhanced reliability by applying Swiss’s Sensirion’s 3rd generation temperature & humidity sensor. Automatic temperature / humidity setting and adjusting function. Automatic egg turning function with sophisticated platform egg movement suitable for even the most delicate eggs. Three egg trays: 1 for 20 Chicken size eggs, 1 for 52 Quail size eggs, 1 for 10 Goose size eggs, Clear and transparent large view-window. Variable air control lever to control air amount inside the incubator. 110 Volt with American plug for the North American market. Applying R-COM’s optimum air flow technology to avoid the fan’s air from directly touching egg. This incubator is fully automatic from the beginning of the incubation period to the hatching cycle. There is also the option to program your own settings. Celsius or Fahrenheit convertible. Alarm and indicator function for abnormally high or low temperature caused by drastic and unusual outer temperature change. Incubation data memory function and power outage notification function in case of power outage. Vent Holes for inflow of fresh air from outside to inside by affecting the heat insulation to the minimum. The bottom of the egg tray is made with embossed skid-resistance floor to prevent young birds from deformity in their legs.


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