Red factor Sun Conure

Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

$1,000.00 $900.00



Native to Hawaii, the Red Factor Sun Conure is a mesmerizing personality. In the conure world, red factor sun conure is reckoned to be the “Premium one”. Why? Simply having a look at their rarity vis-a-vis their extreme demand clears the air around this bird’s star status. And it’s hard, not only to find a red factor sun conure but also to find a breeder that sells them.

Red factor sun conures are extremely expensive. The red factor sun conures color mutation was practiced over a decade ago. In the US, breeders and pet owners primarily love to collect these charming gems. Red factor sun conures pull the attention of those who are much interested in conure’s color mutation. But they have more to them than just their pretty colors.

Red Factor Sun Conure Talking Ability

Red factor sun conures are not expected to talk a lot. To make red factor sun conures talk, one needs to have a good sense of patience and training skills. Some red factor sun conures indeed develop talking abilities but not as much as other parrots like African Greys. And even if one finds a talking red factor sun conure, the bird probably wouldn’t be practicing extensive vocabulary. They must be taught easy words and phrases.

Diet of Red Sun Conure

It is an essential thing to live alive for birds like human beings. The most important thing to remember is that always provide clean, chlorine-free, filtered, and fresh food whether it is in the sold or a liquid form—the top list of their favourite food present below.

Fruits and vegetables 

Red factor sun conures require many fruits and vegetables in their daily diet plan. Carrot spinach and peas are their best-loved veggies. On the other hand, apple, mangoes, and berries are their favourite fruits. You should add this dietary food into the food chart of these incredible conures.


Without pellets, the diet of the sun factor conures remains incomplete. It mostly makes sixty to seventy percent of their daily food. With these pellets, you can add some fortified seeds to give them a delicious taste.

Fresh Water 

It is a necessity of life for all red factor sun conures. Without fresh water, they can face immediate death. So make sure to add a considerable amount of fresh water in their cage so that they can drink water whenever they feel quench.


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