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White and Blue Macaws

Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in)
Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs)
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females
Talking ABility: Yes

$6,100.00 $6,000.00


White and Blue Macaws for sale online

White and Blue Macaws, Macaws’ big size and vibrant colors make them hard to overlook. These social birds can create a racket when they feel so inclined, and their clownish ways are sure to draw attention. Although their large beaks can be intimidating, a well-socialized macaw can be a friendly and affectionate companion.

Macaws are known as the giants of the parrot world. The hyacinth macaw is the longest parrot, with a head to tail length of nearly 40 inches. Macaws have long tail feathers as well as big beaks. Macaw adaptations include large, curved, powerful beaks designed to crack open hard nuts and seeds. These parrots have a long, streamlined physique and colorful feathering, ranging from the hyacinth macaw’s hyacinth blue to the scarlet macaw’s scarlet red coloring. Some macaw species have bare facial patches.

Classification of Macaws

Macaws are informally classified into two groups: large macaws and mini macaws. The large macaws include those of the AraAnodorhynchus, and Cyanopsitta generaThis “blue macaws” group includes the hyacinth, along with the critically endangered Lear’s macaw and Spix’s macaw. The mini macaws are much smaller and include those from the genera Diopsittaca, Orthopsittaca, and Primolius.

Although there are 18 living species of macaws, not all commonly get adopted by people. The commonly kept companion macaw species include the following, listed by common name and scientific name: blue-and-gold macaw (Ara ararauna), green-winged macaw (Ara chloropterus), Hahn’s macaw (Diopsittaca nobilis nobilis), hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), scarlet macaw (Ara macao), military macaw (Ara militaris), and severe macaw (Ara severus). Some of these species have other common names. For example, the blue-and-gold macaw is sometimes called the blue-and-yellow macaw, and the military macaw is sometimes called the chestnut-fronted macaw.

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  1. Selvan

    Dear Sir,
    Do you export your birds , Pls send me the total cost for this Yellow macaw, Gang gang , Major Mitcheel cockatoo to Malaysia.

    • admin

      Hello sir,
      Please check your email, we have replied to you.

  2. Gert jørgensen

    Is it possible to shipp to Danmark (Europe)

    Dear regards Gert

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