Yellow Naped Amazon Female

Age: 5 months old
Length: 54-60 inches
Weight: 615–920 grams
DNA Sexed: Females Available
Talking Ability: These species talk perfectly
Comes with health certificate and CITES Permit, few killograms of food and a few toys.

$1,800.00 $1,750.00


Yellow Naped Amazon Female

Yellow Naped Amazon Female, their outgoing personalities make yellow-naped Amazons one of the more popular Amazon species. Yellow napes can be talkative and gravitate toward toys that challenge them both physically and mentally. They also enjoy plenty of interaction with their people.

The yellow-naped Amazon is one of the most commonly kept Amazons due to its renowned talking ability and wide spread availability. They are popular pets, but, like any bird, have their quirks and idiosyncrasies — important things to consider when looking for a long-lived pet, like an Amazon parrot.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

The yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata) originates from Southern Mexico and Central America.

Care & Feeding

All Amazons have a tendency toward becoming couch potatoes, sitting around all day, eating starchy foods. But there are consequences for an obese bird: fatty tumors and a greatly reduced life span. Yellow-napes are reported as living up to 90 years, so this bird is a lifetime investment — make sure that your children or a good-natured neighbor love the bird too because they just might inherit him. Good nutrition, including lots of fruit and vegetables, and lots of playtime and exercise will keep your Amazon in good shape for a long time. Lafeber’s Amazon parrot foods offer nutritional balance and opportunities for foraging.

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