Green cheeked Amazons

Length: 28 – 33 cm
Weight: 220-250 grams
Banded: Yes
Talking Ability: Yes




Green cheeked Amazons are chiefly dark jade with a bright pink glow that spreads over their bill besides the temple. There is a cover of vivid blue in arrears, their eyes that tracks down the neckline in approximate individuals. The bases of the tail fluffs are lime jade to creamy, and they take horn-stained bills and flesh-tinted legs.

It is approximately unbearable to discriminate males from females since this is a monomorphic fowl type. If you can contract 2 side-by-side, you might see that a male is somewhat bigger and that the bloodshot and azure covers on his face are better. That supposed, the only method to guarantee the sex of the natures is concluded DNA or medical sexing.

Origin and History of Green cheeked Amazons

Northeastern Mexico is where the green cheeked Amazons normal home. The birds chiefly live in the forests and low-lying woods of the part. Communal animals, their herds can produce to more than 100 birds; besides, you will distinguish when one’s close sense of their loud noises while in flying.

In the rough, the green-cheeked is a scarce type with anywhere amid 3,000 and 6,000 known to endure. The populace weakening has been due mainly to prohibited trapping for the domesticated craft as well as home obliteration. They have, though, been presented to southern California where rising flocks can frequently be perceived in city areas. Wild inhabitants are too recognized to animate in Florida, Texas, then Puerto Rico.

Colour Adult:

Male-body green, with soft black margins to feathers of nape to mantle and upper breast; dark red forehead, crown and lores; purple/blue band from above the eye down the sides of the neck; at bases of secondary feathers 1-5 is red, the remainder green; green tail. Bill dull yellow. Eye ring pale grey, eye yellow. Female-red less evident on crown.

Colour Juvenile:

As in adult but with less red on head. Eye pale grey.


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