Solomon Island Eclectus

Length: 33-37 cm
Weight: 470–525 gm
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

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The Solomon Eclectus Parrots – also known as Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots – occur naturally throughout the Solomon Islands east of mainland New Guinea and northeast of Australia  in the Pacific Ocean; these islands include New Georgia, Malaita, Santa Isabel, Guadalcanal, San Cristobal and Choiseul.

Male Solomon Eclectus Parrots have yellow-tinted green feathering over the majority of their bodies. Their primary wing coverts and primary flight feathers are a dark blue color, edged in green. The upper side of the Solomon Eclectus male’s tail is green. The underside of the tail is black, edged with a thin band of pale yellow stretching for about ten millimeters. The iris is a reddish orange color.

Female Solomon Eclectus Parrots have stunning red plumage with dark blue under-wing coverts. They also have a band running to the nape that is dark blue. Females have dark blue, green-edged primary coverts and primary flight feathers like the male, as well. Their irises are a light yellow-white color. Unlike the hens of other eclectus sub-species, the Solomon female has no visible yellow or orange coloration – only red and blue, with some undercolors of green which are not normally visible.

Discourse and vocalisation

Eclectus parrots join amazons and african grey parrots as being perhaps the best talking parrots specie. They rush to adapt to nearly anything you wish to educate them. Many individuals discover them to be on the calmer side when put in contrast with different parrot species. They have particular sounds and vocalizations which may be very interesting, yet noisy and frightening


Eclectus parrots at our store include the Red-sided, Solomon Island, Grand Eclectus and Vosmaer’s Eclectus Parrots.  Some are larger in size so you may want to consider the ML size also.


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