Vosmaer’s Eclectus

Length: 33-37 cm
Weight: 470–525 gm
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

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Vosmaer’s eclectus (Eclectus roratus vosmaeri) are found on the North Moluccas Islands in Indonesia. They are probably the most distinctive type of the eclectus, and are usually the largest. The life span of the Vosmaer’s eclectus is probably up to about 40 years.

Eclectus are unique among parrots in their strikingly dimorphic plumage color. The females are a deep scarlet to bright red with black beaks. The males are brilliant green with yellow-orange upper beaks. Early ornithologists even considered them different species due to the striking dimorphism. Their feathers have a soft, almost fur like appearance. They are large stocky parrots with short square tails.

Appearance and Personality of Vosmaer’s Eclectus

The male is a brilliant forest green, but more yellowish than other sub-species, with an orange beak. He has brilliant red patches on the sides and under wing coverts, blue bend to the wing and dark blue flight feathers. Vosmaeri males tend to have a more yellow on the tip of the tail than other subspecies.

Female eclectus parrots are various combinations of brillant reds, blues and purples, depending on the subspecies. The female has a broad bright yellow band at the tip of the tail. Her breast is lavender-purple, which blends gradually with the red of her upper breast rather than having a distinct line of demarcation as in the red-sided. The under tail coverts are bright yellow. The beak of the female is black. The bird is slightly sexually dimorphic visually.

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Eclectus do well when provided with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Their diet should be comprised of 75 to 80 percent fruits and vegetables and 20 to 25 percent pellets. Treats may be given in small amounts especially as rewards for good behavior. Fresh clean water must be provided every day. Vitamin supplements are not needed for birds that are eating a formulated and nutritionally rich diet.


Eclectus should be provided with as large a cage as possible, at least large enough to allow them to fully extend their wings. Appropriate toys should be provided.


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